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Selecting the best speaker for your next conference and event can be a challenging task. They must expertly impart their wisdom to your delegates and inspire them to take action back at the office. With 15+ years as a leading MC and Speaker, Yvonne is a recognised authority on the topics of Productivity; Digital Marketing & Innovation. Yvonne intuitively understands the key elements (big and small) required to maximise audience learning and impact, and has the skills to inspire action.

Yvonne began her career with Microsoft Aus, UK + USA training tech-support and education teams. Armed with this deep wealth of knowledge and experience, she returned home on a mission to help Australians learn to love technology. She invented the Ms Megabyte persona leading to a national media profile and best-selling book. This national profile led to invitations for corporate events. Working so closely with event teams and corporate leaders Yvonne naturally began consulting in many of these businesses and now brings this diverse, rich and abundant well of knowledge back into her presentations. Yvonne is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) ‚Äď the highest international designation for Speakers.

Yvonne has worked with many diverse businesses including NAB, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, AGL, MYOB, realestate.com.au, Telstra, Schwarzkopf, Neways, LJ Hooker, adTech, iMedia Thailand, Comexposium, Intel, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Mitchell & Partners, REIV, Austereo, Westpac, Westfield, Optus, Retail Global Gold Coast, Retail Global Las Vegas.

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Download the PDF of Yvonne’s Profile including Biography, Topics and Testimonials.

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Keynote (45-60min)

To improve employee engagement and productivity.

Tapping into the joy and curiosity we get when we do something for the very first time, Yvonne challenges delegates to SWITCH just one element in a task which needs a fresh result. This is an inspirational keynote which sparks vital inclination in delegates to take action and revamp how they ‚ÄėDO‚Äô. Key learnings include:

  • Inspiring, relatable stories of success, where one small change made a huge difference
  • Identifying areas for business improvement
  • Applying fresh, creative thinking techniques to generate a SWITCH
  • Tools for teamwork and collaboration

Yvonne Adele’s presentations and workshops make even the very best think. Yvonne’s techniques for implementing the ideas that her sessions generate are brilliant.


Motivating..entertaining.. with amusing anecdotes and great case studies from her wide experience. Really fired us up!


Creative Thinking / Brainstorming

Yvonne believes everyone has unlimited ability to think creatively about everyday challenges, and she is on a mission to show people how to unleash those hidden talents.

She calls it a ‚Äėfriendly poke in the eye‚Äô.

Every conference or gathering aims to stimulate, educate and inspire new ways of thinking. So why not harness this energy by holding an ‚ÄúIdeas Summit‚ÄĚ at your¬†event? In this fun and practical think tank, Yvonne will facilitate a powerful idea-sparking process, using the participant‚Äôs actual business challenges to help them generate mountains of ideas. What follows is a practical system for evaluating the best ideas, then creating a one-page implementation process to ensure the ideas are swiftly brought to life back at the office. This is a great way to ensure that all the inspiration you have worked hard to create at your event is captured, also that the best ideas are discovered and acted upon.

Key learnings include:

  • A systematic, fresh and simple way to approach idea generation
  • Useful method for identifying the challenge
  • Effective activities to generate sophisticated ideas
  • A practical system for evaluating the best ideas
  • Most importantly, the creation of a one-page action & implementation plan to ensure the ideas are swiftly brought to life back at the office.

Yvonne‚Äôs gets a room buzzing with ideas in just a few minutes and keeps the pace going throughout the session. Not only does she provide the format for ideas creation but also defines a system for capturing them and following through ‚Äď the key ingredient often ignored by others. This is real high value stuff and certainly can super charge the innovation of any company. Highly recommended!

Malcolm Owens, CEO, Sampford IXL

We were impressed with the way you kept the energy levels in the team up throughout the day. We now have a toolkit to bring fresh approaches to problem solving and idea generation.

Mark Quartermaine, Head of CRM, National Australia Bank

Your up-beat tutorials were entertaining and informative and we received a great deal of highly positive feedback from all participants.

Robert Gibbs, Marketing & Strategy, Telstra

In 20 years of booking speakers for corporate clients I have had the opportunity to see thousands of presentations and have attended a few creativity workshops, yours was the best I have seen. You had the variety in the content and the pace just perfect to get some great ideas ‚Äúpopping‚ÄĚ for me. Thanks so much!

Leanne Christie, Owner, Speakers Bureau

Thank you for the very practical way you engaged with the group. The feedback showed that they would now be able to come up with a creative solution if they just followed your easy steps.

Meredith Scott, Partner, Ernst & Young

Make an¬†enquiry¬†or phone Yvonne‚Äôs office¬†on: 1300 734 904.¬†Download the¬†PDF of Yvonne’s Profile¬†including Biography, Topics and Testimonials.

Authority Building / Thought Leadership using LinkedIn (and Twitter)

Keynote Or Workshop (45mins ‚Äď 1.5hrs)

For Business Owners; Executives; Sales; Leadership; Personal Branding.

See an example of this presentation on the Video page.

LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful platforms to demonstrate your experience, expertise and build authority. With LinkedIn the good news is: most people are using it as a resume INSTEAD of a dynamic, multi-media broadcasting platform which demonstrates your authority and compels prospects to do business with you. Twitter is the most under-utilised professional eavesdropping tool we’ve ever seen. Key learnings include:

  • Compelling examples of best practice LinkedIn profiles within your industry and beyond
  • Vital tweaks you must make to your profile to have it working for you at full potential including Cover image, profile photo, headline, bio, summary, examples of your work.
  • Understanding the concept of ‘social selling’ on LinkedIn and steps to become a superstar social seller/connector (how to leverage your brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships)
  • Creating content using LinkedIn Articles (to find a whole new audience)
  • Curating content – how to find and share compelling content
  • The importance of LinkedIn Groups
  • Keyboard shortcuts and LinkedIn tricks for power users.

Made me feel better equipped about what to say, which platform to use and when.. so my messages are more impactful;
Builds skills, capabilities and confidence. Competence builds confidence;‚Äč
Now understand the tools we have at our disposal, know what to say, how to say it and how to use those tools to get the message out there.

NAB Executives

The presentation was awesome. The audience loved you and I know you had a profound impact on everyone in the room. I have received countless emails from delegates thanking me for giving them exposure to such a brilliant speaker.

Marketers Club

Social Media

Keynote Or Workshop (45mins ‚Äď 1.5hrs)

10 steps to Mastering Social Media Tools in less than 10 Minutes a Day.

In this session, Yvonne will UNPLUG social media. You will discover how you can STAND OUT amongst the conversations that are already going on in your area of expertise / industry. Rather than blind the delegates with science, this talk is practical and full of implementable tactics. Key learnings include:

  • How to make the technology work FOR you, finding new customers and extending your relationship with existing ones.
  • The 5 Pillars for success: Website, Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, SEO/SEM
  • Where social media MUST fit into your marketing strategy
  • A system for fail-safe implementation: 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Yvonne’s absolute enjoyment of what she does makes her a great presenter and her anecdotes make her presentation relevant to everyone in some way. I took her to heart at later presentations and used my phone to look up info about other presenters.


A wonderfully entertaining speech. Friendly and cheeky‚Ķ with relevant and informative stories ‚Äď a crucial component for keeping audiences captivated. Valuable hints and tips that will take these bright young things very far indeed.

Karen Young, Manager, Industry Projects, Monash University

Your presentation was informative, vibrant and funny. The tips within your talk had people calling me the next day letting me know how handy they were and others wanted to pass on that they had followed your instructions!

Kim Hurst-Meyers, Dept of Finance and Administration

‚Ķcontent was terrific, well pitched for the group, great delivery, wonderful sense of humour, impressive ‚Äď overall thoroughly impressed and you rated as the conference highlight.

Speakers Bureau

Delegates Say…

Yvonne had everyone on the edge of their seats with her tips, case studies, interaction, non- stop humour and genuine willingness to help as many small business owners as possible improve their businesses. How many Speakers do you know that come and sit at your table after an event and answer all your questions, encouraging people to email her for any assistance they need. Yvonne is continuously thinking outside of the square

Yvonne was really clear and presented material that you can take home or to the office the following day and start implementing.

Entertaining, professional, informative and practical.

Yvonne is wonderful, I could have listened and watched her all day.

Very informative and engaging speaker – lots of relevant information which we will be definitely be using.

Yvonne truly reflects someone who really knows their stuff.

Informative – easy to understand – used simple terms. Great night – can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.

Loved all the enthusiasm she always brings

I actually attended a Facebook for Business breakfast run BY Facebook about 2 weeks ago and learnt more in your session than in the 2 hours I was at theirs!!

Very clear, professional and upbeat. I even got more out of it than I expected.

Yvonne clarified some key issues that will help me on my own business.

Yvonne spoke clearly and is definitely the expert.

She gave so many useful tips that can be implemented straight away. A worthwhile event to attend and excellent value for money.

Yvonne is excellent. Confident, exact, delivered points well and easy to understand.

I’ve listened to¬†Yvonne¬†before – really clear and presenting material that you can take home or to the office the following day and start implementing. Look forward to listening to her again.

Personable and knowledgable.

Brilliant informative and fun. Everything that you want in a speaker.

Very engaging and energetic there were no points at which I drifted off into glazed eye territory.

Make an¬†enquiry¬†or phone Yvonne‚Äôs office¬†on: 1300 734 904.¬†Download the¬†PDF of Yvonne’s Profile¬†including Biography, Topics and Testimonials.