Launching my podcast: The Run Sheet

Finally Very happy to announce the launch of my long-planned podcast called The Run Sheet. […]

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Professional Eavesdropping (psst!)

In real life the art of conversation is as much about listening as it is […]

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Choosing a Celebrity MC for your event

One of the best things about being such an experienced Professional Speaker (read: been doing it […]

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Gift Ideas For Clients

There’s no denying how delightful it is to receive an unexpected card or gift from […]

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The Conference Name Badge

As a fan of unique and different ways of doing things, I’ve never been comfortable […]

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How to run Expert Round-Table sessions for events

When organising events, it can be challenging to come up with different ways to provide […]

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Tips for the budding MC (emcee)

Since 1996 I’ve been a professional conference speaker and MC. Most speakers arrive at the […]

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Audio guided brainstorm

Need ideas quickly? You can use this audio piece I created … it is a guided […]

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Fancy some Koinonia?

Koinonia (Greek) means ‘spirit of fellowship‘. Einstein and his colleagues spent years freely corresponding and brainstorming […]

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6 Ways to Ensure Action After Your Event


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