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xMy introduction to Professional Speaking came in 1997 after beginning to build a profile as media personality Ms Megabyte. I was appearing regularly on the Today Show, in Woman’s Day and numerous radio programs when I began to receive enquiries about speaking engagements. Conference organisers had seen me in the media and mostly wanted to add a clever female touch and some colour to the average conference! I talked about ‘Demystifying technology’ and delivered very popular shortcuts and tips for everyday computer use.

Since then, I’ve spoken at approximately 500 events ranging in size from 50 to 1000 and have moved out of the media to give all my time to Speaking. All speakers harbour an intense desire to teach – that’s what we should be doing with every engagement… transferring knowledge of some kind. Leaving them with something they didn’t have before. I’ve been asked many times to coach budding speakers and I thoroughly enjoy it. To this end, I’m just about to launch Speaking School!

Speaking school kicks off with a quick survey to outline your current position and goals, then regular videos, learning materials and support.

We are currently in the pilot program with 10 students and will release information very soon about the next intake date.

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…content was terrific, well pitched for the group, great delivery, wonderful sense of humour, impressive – overall thoroughly impressed and you rated as the conference highlight.

Speaker Bureau

Speaking School

This will be an 8 week online course which will cover:

  • Defining your topic
  • Understanding the different types of speaking
  • How to fit speaking into your business model
  • Setting up your website and speaker kit
  • How to handle enquiries
  • Speaking for free or for fee
  • What to charge
  • How to ensure repeat business and referrals
  • Utilising your profile / social media channels and database
  • Writing your speech
  • Making an impact
  • Props, technology and audio/visual, including microphone technique
  • Stage presence
  • Working with bureaus/agents/managers
  • Adding value and creating products