Koinonia (Greek) means ‘spirit of fellowship‘.

Einstein and his colleagues spent years freely corresponding and brainstorming with each other. They exchanged and dialogued about ideas. They did this without trying to change the other’s mind and without argument. They always paid attention to each other’s views and established an extraordinary professional fellowship.

They were using a set of ancient Greek principles of intrapersonal communication developed by Socrates called Koinonia:

  • Establish dialog
  • Exchange ideas
  • Don’t argue
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Listen carefully
  • Clarify your thinking
  • Be honest

Most people naturally like to interact. When a spirit of Koinonia prevails, people are less likely to withhold information. As a result, intragroup communications are enhanced and ideas flow more freely within a group.

(some material from: Michael Michalko, author of Creative Thinking book: Thinkertoys.)

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