One of the best things about being such an experienced Professional Speaker (read: been doing it a LONG LONG TIME) is that I’ve come across such a wide array of Speakers and can authentically refer other Speakers to my clients. I never refer a Speaker I haven’t seen.

Clients will show me their near-complete Speaker program and ask for advice about a Speaker who would fit perfectly with that program or who covers a certain topic. Recently I was referred by two different fellow Speakers (thanks Andrew and Trevor) to a client for an upcoming conference on a cruise. After speaking to the client we realised I’d be better suited to a series of webinars than this particular conference cruise. The client was also specifically looking for an experienced but gentle Sales Speaker and I instantly thought of the brilliant David Penglase. One day later I received a grateful thank-you message from David saying he and wife Liz would be enjoying a few days on the water with this client!

Just last week I was MC of a 3 day event which came up simply because my mate Steve Sammartino (Marketing/Tech speaker) suggested me to the client. At the event I was able to refer Trevor Young as a speaker on Content Marketing for the next event! What goes around truly does come around, no?

I’m doing a Social Media Marketing presentation as part of a roadshow with a huge client later in the year and they asked for suggestions for Celebrity MCs. I figured I’d share my suggestions here too!

These are people I’ve worked with (or near) and would highly recommend. Go through your preferred Speakers Bureau to check their availability.

James Brayshaw / Amanda Keller / Vince Sorrenti and here’s an interview I did with Vince about creativity!)
Max Walker / Larry Emdur / Tim Ferguson
Shaun Micallef / Julia Zemiro / Peter Berner


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