Number 1 Public Speaking Challenge

I’ve been speaking professionally for around 17 years and coaching speakers for more than 10. The most common challenge facing those speakers is dealing with nerves. I’ve developed my own techniques and tweaked those I’ve learned from speakers around the world and I have distilled them down to 3 guaranteed ways you can banish public speaking nerves forever and build your speaking and presenting confidence.

In this resource, I explain :

  1. How to use a breathing technique specifically to calm your nerves. Sometimes our heads are spinning, caught up in the ‘what-if’. Breathing mindfully will bring you back to the present and your anxiety will minimise.
  2. The sure-fire way to guarantee more confidence EVERY time you speak is to be truly PREPARED. This means doing your research about the client, industry, audience and topic. Even though I’ve been speaking for nearly 20 years I still experience nerves from time to time. Every one of those times it is due to being less prepared than I should.
  3. A quick and easy solution for those who want to EASE their way into speaking: ask the conference organiser if you can be on a PANEL instead of up on stage alone.

In the Banish Public Speaking Nerves Guide I expand on these 3 techniques and also include a bonus page full of tips from my most respected speaking colleagues from around the world.

Grab the ‘Banish Public Speaking Nerves‘ Guide.

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