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"Yvonne does her research. Our audience, staff , exhibitors and speakers love her. She is professional, hard -working, loyal, and fast of mind and feet!"
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Choosing the best Conference MC

I’ve been a Professional Speaker for over 15 years – working with events large and small, in Australia and overseas.

Ideally, your Conference MC acts as a ‘theme-weaver’, ensuring all the elements of your event are tied together.

In addition to the traditional role an emcee plays, your MC should be a team-player and enjoy being part of your event team, interviewing speakers, delegates and exhibitors in the lead up to your event and on-site.

Tell me more about your event and I’ll let you know how I might assist you

MC for your Conference/Event

A female emcee brings an extra dimension to your event. Your MC should weave your speakers together in an overall story to support your conference theme. You need a productive, bright, multi-tasking MC at the helm.

Speaker (Keynote/Workshop)

Yvonne Adele has been described in client testimonials as inspiring, interactive, vibrant, thought-provoking, well-researched, experienced, memorable, flexible, friendly and ‘a breath of fresh air’.

Live Event Videos

A wealth of knowledge is presented in an interesting and informative way as Yvonne give presentations to some of the worlds best conferences

Client Testimonials

“…real mental sorbet – refreshing and invigorating. Your contribution to the conference was just invaluable – so energetic and innovative!”

“.. a breath of fresh air…”


You were the perfect MC for our guests. You made the event run very smoothly and you injected entertainment and fun into it. Thank you again Yvonne and we hope to be working with you again.

We were impressed with the way you kept the energy levels in the team up throughout the day. We now have a toolkit to bring fresh approaches to problem solving and idea generation.

After the previous night’s activities, it was excellent to get everyone back up to speed and ‘Wake ‘em up with your lively presentation! I would highly recommend a similar seminar to start off the day next year.

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